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Exercising during ketosis


Incorporating ketosis alongside paleo is a great way to loose weight and have stable energy throughout the day.

Sadly, switching to keto has a good chance of impacting your performance at the gym.

luckily there’s a few things you can do to prevent this.


Anaerobic & aerobic exercise


Not all exercise is created equal, for us there are two types having different requirements and eliciting a different response from our bodies.


Aerobic exercise


Aerobic exercise is low intensity, long duration exercise, typically occurring when our heart rate is below 60% of its maximum.

When working out aerobically, our bodies can take in enough oxygen, allowing us to do longer lasting exercises such as jogs, hikes, yoga and so on.

When fat adapted, our bodies are receiving energy from ketone bodies; a very efficient source that has a list of benefits. One of these benefits is the increased performance you’ll see in aerobic exercise.



Anaerobic exercise


High intensity workouts such as weight lifting and sprints fall under anaerobic exercise.

This form of exercise allows us to build muscles mass and occurs when our heart rate is past 60% of our maximum.

When we go past this 60% barrier our body begins transitioning from oxygen to our glycogen stores for its energy.

Though glycogen allows us to perform these high-intensity workouts, it is in limited supply; preventing us from exercising like this for very long.


Low energy during ketosis


You’re probably asking “where has all my energy gone”?

When making the transition to keto, your body will need time to adapt to these new changes; afterall chances are you’ve spent your whole life eating carbs.

This performance decrease is due to our bodies not holding onto the glycogen in our muscles responsible for Anaerobic exercise.

Often this issue solves itself when our body adapts to the limited carbs and begins conserving glycogen better.


Targeted ketosis


If your performance at the gym is suffering too negatively, there is a possible solution.

This solution is where you consume just enough carbs before a workout to kick you out of ketosis.

This’ll give your body all of the glycogen it needs for the workout and afterward, you’ll transition back into ketosis.

With this you’re still exiting ketosis for a short amount of time which can disrupt the cognitive benefits of keto.


Paleo + Ketosis


Another alternative to this performance loss is going paleo with an emphasis on ketosis.

While paleo isn’t strictly a low carb diet, small changes can make it so.

I recommend sticking with low carb paleo options throughout the day; which will put you into ketosis. In the evening however, I’ll enjoy fruit and paleo safe starches such as rice and potatoes.

This has the benefit of keeping you in ketosis during the day, filling your glycogen stores in the evening and putting you back into ketosis while you sleep.





Seeing a performance decrease in your workouts can discourage the best of us and leave us feeling annoyed.

Sticking through the initial hump will yield good results and if not, there’s several options you can persue.


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