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Where to buy Grass fed, paleo meat – the ultimate meat guide

Finding the best meat possible for your situation and at a reasonable price can be a daunting task. While your supermarket will have meat, you can still do a lot better without breaking the bank. We’ll also cover a great way to get Paleo, grass-fed meat absolutely free!

The first time I tried unprocessed, natural paleo bacon I was shocked! The flavour was like no other, it was meaty, tender and succulent. Nothing like the thing from the store. ~ Scott


What makes meat paleo?


Firstly, the meat from your local store is far better than not having any at all. If you can’t stretch your dollar or shift expenses, you can still go Paleo and should! Most meat from stores today are the product of industrial farming. Animals live restricted, unpleasant lives and are fed cheap grains that fatten them quickly. In the exact same way that Humans weren’t designed to eat grain so too is the case for these animals. After this process, the finished product is one that lacks taste and nutritional content.


Grass Fed Benefits


Having the animals eat and live a healthy life, while being ethical also translates to a healthier meal for us humans. Below is a list of noticeable difference between grass-fed and grain-fed beef:

  • Quality Fat: Grass-fed beef contains significantly less inflammatory causing Omega-6 fats and significantly higher anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fats (1). Our inflammation guide covers this in more depth.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA): Grass-fed beef contains twice the amount of CLA than grain-fed, possibly leading to weight loss and muscle gain (2, 3).
  • Much Needed Vitamin K2: Contributing largely to heart, bone, and teeth health, Vitamin K2 is a vitamin in short supply; luckily grass-fed beef contains much more than your regular grain-fed beef.
  • Antioxidants: Grass-fed beef is a far richer source of antioxidants than grain-fed (4, 5). In particular, Vitamin E protects your cell membrane from oxidation (6).


Humane Farming


“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.” ~ Paul McCartney

Being Paleo we understand the importance of meat eating and are aware the process involves taking a life. This, in of itself is perfectly natural and the way nature plays out daily. The industrial farming of today, however, is not natural and often results in cruelty and suffering for the animals. Now, this isn’t about moralising and turning you off meat, it’s actually the opposite. Knowing the animal had a good life and was well treated removes the guilt we might otherwise have. As mentioned before, this doesn’t have to be expensive, many supermarkets offer meat that has been assured by independent organisations. Below is a list of these oranganisations:


Grass-Fed Suppliers


If you’re interested in grass-fed meat and want to try including it into your diet we have a few suggestions.

Ordering online gives you a great range of different meats and cuts that you wouldn’t typically find in a local store. The only difference is the meat comes in a package with plenty of insulation keeping it fresh during the journey.

We’ve teamed up with Butcher Box who send out fresh, 100% grass fed meat straight to your door each month; they’re giving away 2 free Ribeye steaks and bacon when you sign up here!

For UK readers it doesn’t stop there; I can personally vouch for the service offered by Primal Meats; it’s simple to order and the quality is excellent.


The Free Alternative, Hunting


You’re probably thinking, nothing in the world is free. I’d agree, especially when I tell you it’s the best, most natural meat you can get. Don’t write me off just yet, what I’m talking about is hunting! Chances are your dad or his dad knows a thing or two about it and would be happy to share. If like me, however, your dad wasn’t that way inclined, there are a few ways to get involved:

  • Ask a friend: Asking a friend or in my case, hounding an acquaintance of mine until he took me; can be a great way to learn whilst bonding over a traditional hobby.
  • Join a club: In the same vein as asking a friend, many places have clubs and societies that welcome newcomers with open arms.
  • Take a course: If all else fails, taking an introductory course that’ll teach you how to stalk, hunt and dress your pray is a good way to go.

While hunting doesn’t necessarily mean free, you can certainly start out that way. Having a friend who already has equipment is going to be your best bet. If I’ve stoked your interest, check out our article about game and hunting. Hunting for me was and still is a profound experience. You’re involved in every step it takes to serve that meal at your dinner table; giving satisfaction and a newfound respect for animals and nature, I recommend anyone to try it.

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