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Formed in the winter of 2017, Prime Paleo holds at its core, the belief that eating healthy needn’t be complex. The body regulates everything from temperature to sleep and diet isn’t the exception.

Whether just starting out or a seasoned veteran of Paleo, we’re sure to wet your appetite. With regular recipes from all corners of the globe and up to date information to get you started; you’ll be sure to find a home in our tribe.




Hi, I’m Scott, founder of Prime Paleo. First, let me thank you for taking the time to read this and considering Paleo. Our goal is to make the transition as easy as possible by providing tips, information and great recipes to kickstart your change. After going through this myself and seeing the wonderful benefits, I knew I had to try and help others.

My journey started two years ago when working as a waiter at a local hotel while studying computer science. There, I found an appreciation for food and would constantly ask the chefs questions, no matter how silly (sorry!). This only got me so far, however, and I was soon researching food and nutrition in my own time.

As with any industry, there were its downsides, the late nights, fast food and long hours didn’t help. I was in a rut, exhausted and not eating right. Making the change to Paleo made the world of difference, I had more energy and felt fantastic.

I’ve since left the hotel and am grateful for everything I’ve learned and the friends I’ve made; though I’m sure my feet don’t agree! Food has become a true passion of mine and I wish to share it with others. If you’re new, check out what it means to be paleo and welcome to the tribe!

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