High Protein Paleo Snacks


Not seeing results at the gym?

We’ve got you covered, these 15+ paleo snacks are packed full of protein that’ll have you packing on muscle in no time!

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Canned Fish (Tuna)


Protein: 27g per 100 grams

Tuna just like any canned fish is a quick, easy, and versatile source of protein that goes with tons of things! Grab the brine version to prevent consuming any inferior vegetable oils.


Slice of meat (Ham)


Protein: 7.4g per 30-gram slice

Cook up a Sunday roast and enjoy these protein-rich slices throughout the rest of the week!


Meat Roll-Ups


Protein (Swiss Cheese + ham): 25g per 100 grams

Wrap a meat slice around some cheese (or snack of choice) to create the ultimate protein snack! You essentially have a sandwich without the bread!


Jerky (beef)


Protein: 33g per 100 grams

A great protein snack with a huge protein content thanks to its lean nature. Most jerky you’ll find at the store has a bunch of sugar and additives added to it; your best bet is making your own!


Hard-Boiled Eggs


Protein: 13g per 100 grams

A great, cheap, healthy snack containing almost all of the nutrients our body needs. Perfect on its own or paired with something, this’ll get your protein up.


Egg Muffins


Protein: 13g+ per 100 grams

An easy and stupidly versatile snack that can contain so much protein! Try baking these with cheese and bacon pieces and watch as the protein count climes.


Avocado & Chicken Salad


Protein: 32g per 100 grams

This combination of incredibly dense protein from chicken with the lovely fats of avocado makes a wonderful protein snack. Why not include a boiled egg and cheese too!


Natural Greek Yoghurt


Protein: 5-10g per 100 grams

Greek yoghurt has the most protein out of any yoghurt and a great calcium content for your bones and teeth. It’s probiotic nature will also help foster a good gut flora leaving you in tip top condition.

Try mixing in some frozen rasperberries, cacao and cream for more flavour and nutrition.




Protein: 35g per 100 grams

While you may not want to be eating chunks of parmesan on its own, its great sprinkled atop a bunch of foods. Having the highest protein of all cheeses you’ll be sure to find a use for it!




Protein (swiss cheese): 28g per 100 grams

The perfect solution for jacking up your protein intake, cheese is packed full of protein and fat; keeping you healthy and feeling full! Cheese varies in protein content depending on the type, here’s them in order of protein:

Parmesan(35g), Swiss Cheese (28g), Mozzarella (27g), Cheddar (25g)

Note: Avoid low-fat cheeses and stay natural!


Almond Butter


Protein: 33g per 100 grams

Just like most nut butter, this one has a high protein content and is great atop a bunch of things! paired with celery, apples or any other food, you can’t go wrong.

Note: Careful of its PUFA omega-6 content (try macadamia butter for ease of mind)


Nuts (Macadamia)


Protein: 8g per 100 grams

A handful of nuts packs a surprising amount of protein, perfect in yogurt or on its own! Macadamia nuts are rare in that they don’t have high amounts of omega-6 fats, making them the perfect nut snack.


Macadamia Hummus


Protein: 8g+ per 100 grams

Variety is the spice of life, luckily for those who thought they couldn’t have hummus ever again there’s a solution! This hummus tastes just like the real deal and is quite high in protein too.


Protein Bars


Protein: 30g+ per 100 grams

Sometimes protein supplementation is necessary to meet your goals, protein bars are a great snack that’ll help you. Be sure to use pure whey with no additives and look out for our protein bar recipe!


Protein Shake


Protein: 24g+ per 30gram serving

Just like protein bars, a simple protein shake can give you the needed boost at a cheap cost! Be sure to pick a high-quality protein supplement and if you want recommendations; try here.

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